08  Oct

I don’t believe in God. Can you understand that? Look around you man. Cant you see? The clamor and the din of those in the torment has to be the sound most pleasing to his ear. And I loathe these discussions. The argument of the village atheist whose single passion is to revile endlessly that which he denies the existence of in the first place. Your fellowship is a fellowship of pain and nothing more. And if that pain were actually collective instead of simply reiterative then the sheer weight of it would drag the world from the walls of the universe and send it crashing and burning through whatever night might yet be capable of engendering until it not even ash. And justice? Brotherhood? Eternal life? Good god, man.

Show me a religion that prepares one for death. For nothingness. There’s a church I might enter. Yours prepares one only for more life. For dreams and illusions and lies. If you could banish the fear of death from men’s hearts they wouldn’t live a day. Who would want this nightmare if not for fear of the next? The shadow of the axe hangs over every joy. Every road ends in death. Or worse. Every friendship. Every love. Torment, betrayal, loss, suffering, pain, age, indignity, and hideous lingering illness. All with a single conclusion. For you and for every one and every thing that you have chosen to care for. There’s the true brotherhood. The true fellowship. And everyone is a member for life.

You tell me that my brother is my salvation? My salvation? Well then damn him. Damn him in every shape and form and guise. Do I see myself in him? Yes. I do. And what I see sickens me. Do you understand me? Can you understand me?

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04  Jan

13 years i’ve had this nonsense going on



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this is all that’s left. a vapid state of affairs, where we are more pissed off and enthralled by young girls than we are about actual issues. Lives driven by the ebbs and flows of the exalted and vaunted trials and tribulations of….who cares. Debates rage across the internet and across actual social engagements; who’s a whore, who isn’t? Why/why not? What weekly magazine are you quantifying your evidence with?

show your work.

If you aren’t that big on celebrity news, SERIOUS news-media driven nonsense gets thrown down our collective throats, just to shake it up a bit, I guess. Done in such a thinly veiled attempt to sway opinion that it makes me weep when I see these very nonsensical things spur anger from our fellow denizens; something that is time and time again leveled directly at the government or some ruling class in an incoherent flailing and screaming, espousing vociferously things like “I heard doings are a happening and maybe they’ll probably at some point have some sort of result where i tell my friends that my cousins’ friends aunt had to wait an extra minute because her hair dresser was busy talking about the topic with someone else” or “how come I cain’t just set myself on my haunches and die of exposure like the rest of my kin i just don’t get this” and less angry with our complete and fully self-sanctioned utter self-destruction through our unwavering idiocy*.

Loving life.

Oh hey the war on christmas is quite scary though isn’t it?

P.S. it’s kind of mesmerising isn’t it. you know what i’m talking about.

*run-on sentences are something i like.

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first of all, this picture wasn’t supposed to be so…above all this text.  I had planned for this very text which you are reading to be beside it, not underneath.  thx wordpress. i really dislike the way in which wordpress does formatting, but am to lazy to do this in html.  so….deal with it.

moving forward…the whole case against me was rather swiftly thrown out of court, once more proving that you can brutalize the homeless and not expect much in the way of come-uppance to come to fruition, no matter how strongly they tell you it will. haha, lack of evidence.

While the powers that be did tell me to go home, with terse lips which could be construed as anger lips, I think it’s quite cute to be screamed at outside the court house by a trove of broken, wretched things, the noticeably just chipped and/or black toothed denizens, vociferating their complaints, their blue jays 1993 world series champion shirts billowing in the wind, while I just grin menacingly at them, like “which one of you is next?”. Hahah not really though, I’ve been exonerated, and you and your methadone helpings aren’t going to get me just now. But I see you. And I will get to you later. I WILL GET TO YOU ALL.

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31  Aug


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i will some day take more than 30 seconds to update this site.

but today is not that day, brah

meanwhile, in canada

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17  Jul

haha wow, this is awesome. Rather than addressing the issue of obesity in this country, it’s played down and new lines are drawn to protect the ego and self-esteem of these people. I imagine clothing companies are sick of having their employees screamed at when some fucking 340 pound bitch swears she used to fit into a medium shirt what is wrong with your sizing system I order diet coke with my double whopper you assholes! Are you fucking serious? While raising the number of inches it takes to be considered a size may seem like a good idea to some (ie: self hating fatties) condoning and perpetuating this cycle of horrific health is obviously being green-lit from this action. Would it not be better to leave the size the same, so that when Joe-Bob waddles in to the local wal-mart for a new “RIP Dale” t-shirt he might think “there are more x’s on my shirt label than on a porn rating maybe I should stop eating every second that i’m awake”? This is only exacerbating the rising drain on government money for health care, because if you think the baby boomers are the only ones crushing the government on medicare and medicaid, you’re higher than I am; and I get wet more than a nympho at a cock convention. But dear friends I have a solution. A final solution, if you will.

Every major city must open up warehouses that emit delicious smells of lard, gravy and Popeye’s chicken in order to draw the fatties to them, whether by forklift, rosco or dump truck. Once in, they will be herded towards the delicious scents, which are rendering machines painted like ice cream cones. once the wretched wastes have their ample fat liberated from them, it can be used as fuel to heat our homes, perhaps even to power our automobiles. This is a double pronged attack on the economic issues; the exuberant cost of caring for these things, and our dependency on fossil fuels.

While we’re at it, let’s start rounding up the elderly in much the same fashion, except this time instead of using the scent of delicious quadruple stackers (as well as advertisments for all you can eat sugar, I just thought of that let’s use the media to drive the orcas in! I’m so smart) we can advertise mega gambling and/or bingo centers, as well as good deals on medication and denny’s (which will work for both problem people since the old and the morbidly obese both need pills to manage their diabetes and such and everyone likes Denny’s). Once in, lock the doors and turn on the gas. It’ll sort itself out. I’ve just solved the medicare problem.

You’re welcome, America.


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22  May

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15  Dec
hey sup

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