16  Oct

So I found the below writing in the “drafts” section of my wordpress which was last edited June 8th of this year.  What a blast from the past!  It’s like opening a time machine capsule but instead of finding remnants of a forgotten time when life wasn’t a strangling mess of hell you instead find a bunch of drunkenly written words which make very little sense and serve only to arouse annoy you slightly.  Also I found this:


SO ANYWAYS without further complications here we go….bbiab


Let me ask you something….how is it statatory if she was already dead?  I think necrophilia is enough of a charge, the state disagrees.  We’ll find out who is right Febraury 10th!  In unrelated news, because of the failing economy and our uncertain times, I was let go from my job as Senior Custodian at the Morgue recently.  Yes, that’s why.  The failing economy and uncertain times.

The below picture takes me back to a lot of fun Christmas mornings..and every other mornings….HI MOM

ALSO you can’t comment on anything because it’s broken and I can’t be bothered to figure out why. I tried reinstalling but it didn’t do anything. And that is the extent of the effort left in my effort bag for this venture. So I put some social media thing on here so you can share this goop with your loser friends. kbye

NEWS FLASH – I fixed it, so now you spammers can let me know about what sorts of viagra deals you have today.

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