Ola amigos and amigas!  Today I am writing to inform you of a great and respectable event in my ever-blessed life!   It would seem that I, Roberto Sanchez of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, am in a special and exclusive club!  My clubs name is Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Organization and let me assure you, while some of the work I do for my brothers with the La Línea gets a little messy, it is the utmost pleasure to be recognized as a productive and useful man-thing, as they affectionately call me among their angry shouts to put all the body parts in a bag!  While my lack of vision, hearing and bowel control is sometimes an issue, I have found that my new friends are quite polite as long as I continue to speak little and do what they ask of me, which is communicated through a series of punches that I have come to understand as words!

I wear a potato sack on my head, and ironically I am told they put eye holes in it!  They affectionately refer to me as el papa monstruo!  I am also happy to report that I have not been concussed for 2 months in a row!  This is truly the best time of my life other than the time at the factory when a stranger helped jab my twig and plastic constructed walking appendage into my thigh stump after I had blacked out from the ether huffing and lost it!  How nice it was to have usage of my twig leg again, especially knowing that a band of angry racoons had stolen it while I laid helplessly in a fume induced stupor!   Those stinking varmints will pay, Vincente tells me through a series of kicks and punches!  I’m out of marshmallows and now have nothing other than seepage to hide my eyeless sockets!

I surely hope that I am not murdered for writing about my employer!  Thank you for looking into my doings and happenings and please don’t tell Vincente!  Here is a picture of a watermelon

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10  Oct


Time to get to work here, the cobwebs are building and nor am I.



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