18  May

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hey i’m supposed to renew this domain name, like

tomorrow. i like having “tomorrow”, until i run out of them.

 you wanna take naming rights, get on it quick.  if i sober up again i’ll…haha sober again


hmmm. better get writing then.

ok, uh,what was i saying?  right, conrad.  the horror.  being bent out of my mind all of the time is leading to strange nights that increasingly bleed into even more incomprehensible/reprehensible days as of late, and it seems no amount of binging on cheap whiskey and strangely colored pills can fix what more and more feels like an unstoppable vortex of self-loathing and…jesus christ…what the hell is on the wall?

it’s so full of legs, thousands of them aflutter, thundering terrible decibels of horror which increasingly sound like a vietnamese pair-off but the village idiot has broken out from the heavily fortified cage, this day of all days, the pair-off ruined, and she’s slathered in some sort of jelly looking gasoline and just howling

christ it’s on me and it wants dna and alibis!

10ththe fun part about destroying yourself for no real good reason is that there is no real good reason for it. this saves you from having to endure the pain of others saying “well she was broken up by her rabbit’s passing” or “geez he just lost his job no wonder he spends all his spare time chasing leaks.  he snorts so much when he can’t find a vein.”  wrecking everything you’ve spent years building for no logical reason is great because they can’t pin anything on you for it

“Why are you drunk at 8am on a tuesday?” they’ll ask you.  “i’ve been up for days” must invariably be your response to such confrontational questions. smile when you say this. Leer, if possible. give no discernible look or answer for your current state aside from that. just make the loudest sniff noise you can, and wipe your nose immediately with your hand.  look longingly at your superiors sleeve, if he/she is wearing a long sleeved shirt.  otherwise, just pout and gnash your teeth, looking at your more than likely dirt and blood encrusted, long overgrown finger nails and letting your superior know via your body language that you are really annoyed with their performance because really they should be better at dealing with your type.

alcoholism is a disease

Ask aloud why you haven’t been killed by any of the women you ended up attacking at the homeless shelter three nights ago, and holy shit, what was that about. After serving food to them for hours, you leaped across the flimsy, plastic white table, eyes wild and thumbs out-stretched, looking to plant them in the soft, giving eye-sockets of those you’d hitherto been very helpful to. (don’t mention the pcp) how did she duck so fast? bloodlust unsatiated, you screamed your address while you rained down amazingly hard punches at those who weren’t spry enough to clear the area. you’d really think one or two that weren’t concussed would have shown up at your door by now, stinking of onion soup and splattered in dirty tears and the blood of their brethren. i mean you know cathy was holding kristie’s head and spinning soothing stories for her while she bled to death out of most of her orifices, the whole time she’s just staring at you, so of course she’ll at least be at the door at any moment,heaving terribly with horrible angst and wielding some sort of makeshift weapon which can only mean violence.

but the door remains un-ravaged, my knuckles remain cracked and bloody, my veins remain pounding wild with rum and mescaline. ask yourself, did you do the right thing? apparently yes, or at least nothing the cops care enough about to look into.

drinking cheap wine from the bottle, weaving in and out of traffic, one would expect to be accosted at any moment by reality, be it in the form of a guard rail or pedestrian – but not this night. Just blurry lights and distracted horns screaming in some ethereal distance, music pounding so loud that you can probably lose a bet if you are asked whether you thought that horrific scream happened at all. another dodged death sentence that you hoped would finally be served tonight.

no matter how loud you scream at god, he doesn’t listen.

not that it should stop you from trying. freestyle insanity is constructive as long as it’s destructive. get out there and grin weirdly at people older than you. if they are out with their wives, even better. convincing established, self-important people that everything they’ve worked for is of no real use when confronted with an unkempt, drug-crazed savage on a quiet street is the only sort of excitement people like us can really get behind. the rich can’t survive without the poor, apparently, and the best way to prove this is by grabbing one of them by the neck and squeezing. how else will they learn


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