stop it with talking about the weather

stop it with the complaints about the current weather conditions

it’s always hot and humid around here when it’s july

it’s always cold and dry when it’s february

come to terms with it – stop commenting on it


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first of all, this picture wasn’t supposed to be so…above all this text.  I had planned for this very text which you are reading to be beside it, not underneath.  thx wordpress. i really dislike the way in which wordpress does formatting, but am to lazy to do this in html.  so….deal with it.

moving forward…the whole case against me was rather swiftly thrown out of court, once more proving that you can brutalize the homeless and not expect much in the way of come-uppance to come to fruition, no matter how strongly they tell you it will. haha, lack of evidence.

While the powers that be did tell me to go home, with terse lips which could be construed as anger lips, I think it’s quite cute to be screamed at outside the court house by a trove of broken, wretched things, the noticeably just chipped and/or black toothed denizens, vociferating their complaints, their blue jays 1993 world series champion shirts billowing in the wind, while I just grin menacingly at them, like “which one of you is next?”. Hahah not really though, I’ve been exonerated, and you and your methadone helpings aren’t going to get me just now. But I see you. And I will get to you later. I WILL GET TO YOU ALL.

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Nothing moves in the land of death.
Nothing moves in the land of decay.
This is something I have always wished for.
Complete extermination.
A bruised and beaten mongrel gasping for her final breath.
Ultimate extinction.
No remorse for anything.
No salvation for anyone.

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the walking waste.





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