We miss you Brad, you magnificent son of a bitch.


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this is all that’s left. a vapid state of affairs, where we are more pissed off and enthralled by young girls than we are about actual issues. Lives driven by the ebbs and flows of the exalted and vaunted trials and tribulations of….who cares. Debates rage across the internet and across actual social engagements; who’s a whore, who isn’t? Why/why not? What weekly magazine are you quantifying your evidence with?

show your work.

If you aren’t that big on celebrity news, SERIOUS news-media driven nonsense gets thrown down our collective throats, just to shake it up a bit, I guess. Done in such a thinly veiled attempt to sway opinion that it makes me weep when I see these very nonsensical things spur anger from our fellow denizens; something that is time and time again leveled directly at the government or some ruling class in an incoherent flailing and screaming, espousing vociferously things like “I heard doings are a happening and maybe they’ll probably at some point have some sort of result where i tell my friends that my cousins’ friends aunt had to wait an extra minute because her hair dresser was busy talking about the topic with someone else” or “how come I cain’t just set myself on my haunches and die of exposure like the rest of my kin i just don’t get this” and less angry with our complete and fully self-sanctioned utter self-destruction through our unwavering idiocy*.

Loving life.

Oh hey the war on christmas is quite scary though isn’t it?

P.S. it’s kind of mesmerising isn’t it. you know what i’m talking about.

*run-on sentences are something i like.

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