The thing about being an adult and still finding myself afflicted with “teenage angst” is realizing I was right as a teenager and I just haven’t been beaten, dulled and culled enough to forget about what pissed me off about everything to begin with.  Well, it’s matured over time of course, I don’t have a curfew and can get whatever I want pierced, but underlying rage against machines I felt 15 years ago are still pretty valid today.

Why are teenagers so angry?  Because they are in a world where nothing makes sense, the rules aren’t fair and they aren’t taken seriously. And at a more base level, what are they lacking? Fear. They certainly have it in many superficial levels, but it is greatly lacking in that real, constant, gnawing fear that most adults have.

Let’s discuss:

How do you grow out of your “angsty” stage?  Spouse/house/career/kids come up, taxes and gas prices are issues. All of these items pertain to fear. But then you have network news constantly sensationalizing celebrity mishaps and reality shows about dipshit whores and handsome and completely loathsome assholes, which dominate your free time.  You are lulled into a sense of complacency, which leads to you dismissing actual issues and focusing on “issues” which pertain to your own life. Less fear.  You might read, but if you do it’s probably trashy/poorly written bullshit like twilight, 50 shades of grey, hunger games, &etc, an escape from your “stressful” life.  A stemming device to fear. Everything becomes a set of monotonous/mundane events which you settle into and embrace as your life.  You hear about terrible things happening to others and you talk about them and shake your head morosely about how sad they are with friends/associates/colleagues but none of you really look into any of it because it doesn’t really matter to any of you. Ignoring fear.

And the underlying reason for all this disillusionment, this vying for distraction that pervades the populace? Anything to escape the fear. And our handlers have gotten good at ensuring that is kept waaayyy back in our minds.

The reality is, the teenage mentality still applies, if you ever really stopped to think about it.

The world still doesn’t make sense, the rules still aren’t fair, and nothing you say about it is taken seriously. But now you are okay with that. You’ve secured a bubble against it, and your fear is minimal. It is more aligned with whether you’ll get in line to a movie in time, or if you’ll find a way to get out of a parking ticket you received. Everything pertains to you.

The problem with adults is no one wants to think about societal issues or do anything about them. Younger people fight against what they think is wrong all the time, as they don’t have the fear of losing their homes/careers/&etc because they don’t have them yet.

We live under oppressive, corrupt regimes who hide under the title of “democracy” and tirelessly spew out buzz words about how we have “liberties” and “freedoms” while they continue to undermine those very rights. We’re too interested in finding out what happens in the next episode of a television show to really stop and think about these things. We’re too afraid to speak up and chance losing face in our communities for going outside the status quo. We have too much fear to do what’s right because no one else has done it prior. People are very much of a herd mentality and you may be surprised to see others agree with you should you have the courage to take the first step.

End your fear by remembering the time when you lived without it. Embrace that and run with it.

I hope for a time where we can use our considerable wealth and influence to garner change, instead of this perpetual waste. I believe aspects of younger mentality are valid as they are the only people who more than likely haven’t been broken to the point of full complacency in our society. They don’t have the fear. Listen to them (objectively of course). An unfair curfew is akin to unfair wages, an unfair dating rule is akin to prejudice. Fear is the constant in our adult lives and we need to rise above it. I’m still against many of the things I was when I was 16, why aren’t you?

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