Brutality and humanity are the same thing – each is a description of the other. We spend more money as a civilization coming up with ways to murder each other (with the purported interest in “protecting” our populace) than we do in actually establishing and funding programs to protect and better our populace. The Leviathan’s wheels keep turning, greased on the blood and sweat of the fools (myself included) who toil their lives away thinking they will some day magically break free of the proverbial boot on their neck. This is a fallacy. We, the people, are doomed to our fates. The top is not going to have the bottom rise up. Equality is a myth. Settle in and enjoy the ride. We will all live and die as nothing – there will be revolutions, there will be changes in power. But no paradigm shift is coming. Corruption will be replaced by corruption. Old lies will be replaced with new lies.

Get used to this, get comfortable with the shadow of the axe that hangs over every joy, and things aren’t so bad. Let’s keep striving forward like rats in a sewer, clamoring for more than we have, that big deal, that dry warm place to rest, the silence around you that you pay an exorbitant amount of money for just to drown out the din of the unwashed masses. This is a petty and useless goal. The only thing keeping you balanced up above the hoard is your job. Imagine your life if you were unemployed for 12 months. Your house, your car, your savings – none of it makes you any better than the rest of us – it cushions you from reality. You hide behind money and security and pretend the rest of us don’t exist. The darker picture is most often the correct one. When you read the history of the world you are reading a saga of bloodshed and greed and folly, the import of which is impossible to ignore. And yet we continuously imagine that the future will somehow be different. Peace to the world! Really?

World peace is the construct of a child or an idiot, each unaware of what reality circumscribes.

We used to be controlled through direct threats to our lives, public torture and executions of those who spoke against leaders or religion, those who sought a different path. Now we’re kept in control by media saturation, patriot acts and the omnipresent threat of terrorism and shark attacks and monsters in the night. Celebrity mishaps and debauchery keep us distracted from the actual issues gripping us by the throat and dragging us down as a society. Public malaise is, for the most part, reserved for what idiotic thing Kanye West and the countless other half-wit “celebs” of his ilk said or did. Ignorance is exalted, intelligence is shunned. Nothing is changing for the better and it will only get worse. Giddyap.

I know why Jesus wept


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