Fuck off.



Name: Fuck Hog
Age: icepick is a pretty good band. and i mean this unironically. according to spell check that isn’t a real word. according to spell check i should punctuate my sentences as well. well fuccckkk yoouuu spell check.
Interests: KKK, intestines, broken bottles in intestines, intact bottles in KKK.
Duties: alpha lima foxtrot
Booze of choice: Scotch, Gasoline, Beer, Gasoline.
Hobbies: midget porn, midget porn, opera.
Movies: August Underground.
Music: paul potts
Flaws: No.
Favorite Website: Please find my arterial veins and stab them all at once. Simultaneously even. That required spell check. Funny how sometimes spell check is helpful and sometimes it isn’t. Isn’t it?
Goals in life: death.

Roberto Sanchez.

Name: Roberto Sanchez
Age: 46
AIM: i cannot see
Interests: drinking, el mariachi, weeping quietly, cotton candy
Duties: i have not had a shower in 8 months
Booze of choice: Varsol, Gasoline.
Hobbies: breathing without difficulty
Movies: Due to my eyes being burned into piles of muck from the horrendous explosion in ’82, I am not much of a movie fan.
Music: I am deaf and unable to hear musics! There was once an explosion in my home town of Ciudad Juárez that left me without most of my face and functions. I eat through a straw! It hurts to breathe 🙁
Flaws: The town children call me the monster of the forest!  I once ate a shoe
Favourite Website: See movies.
Goals in life: To walk again as a proud man…Well to walk again without being jabbed unmercifully through my infected leg stump by the branches and used condoms I use to substitute my leg

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  1. sarah Says:

    good morning star shine, the earth says “hello”, it also said some other stuff about how you raped it and killed its sister….

    i miss thee… oh how i miss thee.

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